Global Education Achievement Certificate

The Global Education Achievement Certificate (GEAC) is designed as a four year cross curriculum certificate that recognizes students who strive towards global competency.

The student will need to complete 8 credits throughout their high school career that focus on world languages and courses that explore global concepts.

In addition, the student will broaden their global perspective with outside work that includes reading books and viewing other media forms and writing reflections.

The student will deepen their global experience by being a member of International Club and participating in a school approved exchange or immersion experience.

The student will culminate their experience with a community service project that focuses on a global issue or is connected to a global community.

Required Coursework

8 credits required with a B or better:

1. Four consecutive years of World Language (4 credits)

2. 4 credits from the following:

a. World History (1 credit)

b. World Cuisines (.5 credit)

c. 1 year of a second world language (1 credit)

d. AP Economics (1 credit)

e. Marketing (.5 credit)

f. Environmental Science (1 credit)

g. World Geography (.5 credit)

h. Folk Art (.5 credit)

i. AP Literature (1 credit)

j. English 12 World Literature (1 credit)

Community Service

1. The student will complete 20 hours of work connected to a global community or to a global issue. This must be pre-approved and documented.

In School Participation

A. Must be active in International Club all four years

B. Must fulfill ONE of the following requirements:

1. Be an officer for International Club for two years

2. Participate in the Tomah—Eschborn Program

3. Participate in the Spanish immersion trip

4. Host an international student for a semester or year

5. Pre-approved language immersion (i.e. Concordia, mission trip)

6. Be a foreign exchange student for a semester or year

Reviews / Reflections

1 The student must read one book a year for a total of four (fiction or non-fiction from a pre-approved list) and write a reflection (essay) on how the book broadened their understanding of the world. The book is in addition to regular classwork; no double dipping.
2. The student must view one other international / cultural media for a total of four, including but not limited to print, film or theater and write a reflection (essay) on how this work broadened their understanding of the world. This must be in addition to regular classwork; no double dipping.


1. Develop leadership qualities

2. Understand the world

3. Standout on college applications

4. Recognition for your achievement

5. “Global” cords at graduation

Mr. Michael Bartz, GEAC Coordinator


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