National Advanced Placement English Program
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Enrollment Criteria for Tomah High School AP English Classes

   Incoming Freshmen 
  • “A” or “B” in English 8 and Reading 8 AND teacher recommendation  

   Current High School Students and Transfer Students

  • “A” or “B” in English with teacher recommendation
  • “A” or “B” in pre-requisite AP Prep or AP English course
Summer Reading Requirements:
I. All students freshman through senior grade levels read two works that appear on our AP English Independent Reading List during the summer. Some of these books may be available as ebooks in the THS Library or online. You will only be able to access this account if you are currently in high school (sorry, incoming freshmen!) For instructions on how to access  your account, click here THS Library Follett Shelf E-book Access Instructions.
Follow your specific grade level requirements!
II. Required documentation for incoming freshmen enrolled in English 9 AP Prep:
         A.  english 9 ap prep letter 2016
         B. Complete a Summer Reading Log 2014 for the first novel from the AP English Independent Reading List 
               1. Confused? Use this Sample Reading Log to help you.
               2. Bring your log and book with you to class on the first day of school.
         C. Complete Of Mice and Men Study Guide 2015 for Of Mice and Men.
               1. You need to finish 50% of each set of chapter questions.           
               2. Bring your study guide and book with you to class on the first day of school.
               3. Need a copy of the book? Use this Of Mice and Men PDF full text of the book!
III.  Required documentation for incoming sophomores enrolled in English 10 AP Prep:
         A. English 10 AP Prep Letter 2016
         B. Read Comedy of Errors  and complete the 2 worksheets.
                        1. Need an online copy of Comedy of Errors?

                                a. Text of Comedy of Errors

                                b. Links to Comedy of Errors audio and text

                        2. Complete this CoE Plot Line andCoE graphic organizer.

         C. Read a novel from the approved AP Reading list and complete the Blank Summer Reading Log 2014 for
               the novel.
                       1. Confused? Use this Sample Reading Log to help you.
                       2. Bring your log, study guide and books with you to class on the first day of school.
         D. Read Ethan Frome.
                       1. Complete the Ethan Frome Study Guide according to the attached directions.
                       2. Do you need a copy of the book? Read this document: Ethan Frome Ebook
         E. Bring the study guide, play, novel, and log with you to class on the first day of school!
IV. Required documentation for juniors enrolled in AP III Literature and Composition:
         A.  AP Literature Summer Reading Requirements 2016
         B. Complete a Book Review Form for an approved novel from the AP English Independent Reading List.
         C. Read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and complete the Huck Finn Study Guide according to the requirements on the letter (Link in A)
         D. Read Comedy of Errors  and complete the CoE graphic organizer and CoE Plot Line.
                         1. Need an online copy of Comedy of Errors? Check out the links in the AP 10 section for audio,
                             text and a link to an ebook.
V. Required books for AP IV Language and Composition are Kaffir Boy, Angela's Ashes, Black Boy,  and Fast Food Nation          
         A.  Follow the instructions in   AP Language summer letter 2016 for each book.
         B. For the autobiography you chose, the study guides are available below:
                        1.  Use the Kaffir Boy Study Guide 2016 for Kaffir Boy.
                        2. Use this Black Boy study guide for Black Boy.
                        3. Use this Angela's Ashes Study Guide 2015 for Angela's Ashes.
         C. For the Fast Food Nation annotation, follow the instructions in the summer reading letter above.
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